Phottix Nuada, new LED lights

Phottix is back with new accessible LED lighting solutions, in the form of the Phottix Nuada S VLED and Phottix Nuada P VLED.

Phottix Nuada, new LED lights

Portable and discreet, the new Phottix Nuada VLED video lights fit in a pocket, are perfect for event photographers and videographers and can be used for multiple situations.

With the Video LED Light 720A, launched in March 2016, Phottix followed the trend at the time, presenting a LED video light including a wireless radio remote which allows for remote power adjustments. The VLED 720A, featuring 720 LEDs with an output of 4700 LM and a color temperature of 5500K. included two diffusers, frosted white and orange (changing the color temperature to approx. 3200K), barndoors and a hand grip, all for $220.00. Now Phottix is back to basics with the Nuada series.

Priced under $100, both Nuada LED lights expand the original Phottix VLED series of lights, of which I tested one reference, the VLED 260. Being a user of LED panels for my work, both photography and video, I am always eager to try new ones and see how they fit in the different situations. I prefer small units that can be carried around in a backpack, so the the new Phottix Nuada VLED Video LED Light products are something I will try to get Phottix to send me for review. In fact, despite their appearance, these are small panels that can easily fi­t in a pocket or small bag – great for photographers and videographers always on the go.

Phottix Nuada, new LED lights

There are two models available now, and the one that immediately caughts the eye, because of its shape, is the Phottix Nuada P VLED, featuring dimensions of 255mmx100mmx30mm (10″ x 3.9″ x 1.2″). The Phottix Nuada P Softlight LED Panel, is a strip-style LED great for highlights and dramatic portraiture. It can can either be used hand-held on the camera hot shoe or on a light stand.

With a color rendering with a CRI rating of 95+, according to Phottix, the Nuada P offers digital power control, digital colour temperature control from 3300K to 5600K, a always handy back light LED display panel (once you’ve used one it is hard to live without) and a soft light design.

Phottix Nuada, new LED lights

The Nuada P, as the other light in the Nuada family, runs on Sony-compatible NP series batteries, including the NP-F550, F750 and F960. The Nuada can also be powered from mains using a 12V DC Adapter (not included). The Phottix Nuada series also features a 1/4” mounting lug and detachable cold shoe adapter.

The Phottix Nuada P Softlight LED Panel package includes, besides the panel, a NP-F550 (2000mAh) battery (good for some 95 minutes of work at full power), USB battery charger, cold shoe adapter and user manual. The price for this light is $95.

Phottix Nuada, new LED lights

The other light released by Phottix, the Phottix Nuada S VLED, sharing the same base specifications, is a great general-use LED for video, portraits or product photography.  Its maximum brightness is 830Lux @ 0.5m, the same as the Phottix Nuada P VLED model, although the same battery will last for 100 minutes at full power, according to Phottix’s numbers. With dimensions of 192 x 128 x 30mm (7.5” x 5” x 1.2”) a weight of 260g (less 30g than the other model) and priced at $85 this is, again, a truly portable LED light where the back light LED panel for control makes the difference.

Follow the link to read more about the new Phottix Nuada VLED Video LED Light products.

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Thanks for the information. How does the single knob below the display adjust power output and color temperature?
I want max lux output at any chosen temperature. Can these do that? Thanks Rocco


These exact lights already exist under the Viltrox label at $39 each. They have a storefront on