PhoneRIG: turn your phone into a video rig

What is a tablestand and also a video rig and loves your smartphone? The new PhoneRIG from edelkrone, an accessory that can hold any smartphone with a flat back.

PhoneRIG: turn your phone into a video rig

Able to easily switch orientation between horizontal and vertical shots, the PhoneRIG is not just a tool for photography, but a complete portable rig for video. It takes lights or microphones and, with Wing 3, even offers a slider.

Edelkrone is back on the news with the PhoneRIG. Aware that modern smartphone cameras can capture impressive videos, the company thought it made sense to give smartphone owners a better grip, a shoe mount and a a 1/4″-20 mounting port. That’s the PhoneRIG.

The PhoneRIG is a stand. A unibody design in aluminium allows any smartphone to stand up perfectly balanced. No more need to find something to support your phone, a flimsy momentarily solution. Look professional while having a Facetime call, hands-free. People will ask you what it is you got there, believe me.

When you need to take your phone from the stand, just snap it off. It attaches and comes off easily, thanks to a metal plate that sticks to your phone and works with the radial grove on the Phone RIG magnetic stand.

PhoneRIG: turn your phone into a video rig

The shoe mount present on the rig allows you to attach it to any tripod with a 1/4″-20 mounting screw. But the shoe mount can also be used for adding accessories as LED lights, microphones and more. The PhoneRIG also works with the Wing 3 recently launched by edelkrone, for a rail-less slider experience. A cinematographer’s complete kit that fits in a small bag! And yes, you can also use it with POVIE, another accessory from the edelkrone brand.

PhoneRIG has a CNC machined unibody, weighs less than 9 ounces (255 g), and can hold any smart phone with a flat back. PhoneRIG is now available to order exclusively at

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