Philips ARc: one app to configure video walls… no ladder needed

Whether you want to see if your next TV set fits your living room or build a complex video wall for a client, Philips has the solution: its new ARc, an Augmented Reality configurator app for smartphones.

Philips ARc: one app to configure video walls… no ladder needed

The new app from Philips Professional Display Solutions is an “industry first”. The first immersive augmented reality app allowing users to bridge the space between design concept and final installation.

Introduced this month for Android and iOS, ARc is your fully functional ‘Augmented Reality configurator’ application – created by Philips Professional Display Solutions. ARc virtually recreates how any Philips digital signage or pro TV display would look, on Philips ARc: one app to configure video walls… no ladder needed any size and type of wall,  and in doing so it delivers the insight system integrators, installers and professional display customers need for easy selection of both model and screen size – delivering optimal results for business.

Received as true game changer by both partners and clients, the free app has received positive comments from the first users who picked it from the online stores for Android and iOS.  ARc is not just an useful tool, it is also easy to use thanks to a fully functional augmented reality toolkit, accessed via a connected tablet or smartphone, to guide the buying process.

Philips ARc: one app to configure video walls… no ladder needed

Easy way to design video walls

By using the device’s camera, the app captures and measures any selected space and allows the user to find the most suitable screen by showing selected models mounted on the virtual wall. The app can even automatically populate the space with multiple screens, allowing users to configure a video wall – without climbing a ladder or opening their toolbox.  That’s a function that takes it well beyond the selection of the right size TV for your living room. Professionals will appreciate the new tool/toy they can play with when designing video wall solutions for clients.

Philips ARc: one app to configure video walls… no ladder needed Here are some of the features of the Philips Professional Display Solutions ARc app:

* Intuitive and easy to use.
* Use your device’s camera to automatically capture and measure any selected space.
* Show any model from the Philips Professional Display Solutions range mounted in your space.
* Swap between models and sizes to select the most suitable for your business.
* Populate the space with multiple screens – great for configuring your video wall too.
* All without climbing a ladder or opening your toolbox.

Ready to design your video wall? Intuitive and easy to use, the ARc app works with most smart devices that have a camera. Simply download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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