Paragon Mac ToolBox: essential tools for Mac and Windows users

Switching regularly between Mac and Windows systems? Then Paragon Software has a bundle of six different products at a better price than if you purchased the tools separately.

Paragon Mac ToolBox: essential tools for Mac and Windows users

If  absolute Mac-Windows interoperability is essential for you, Paragon Software has a set of tools to overcome cross-platform limitations and incompatibilities: Paragon Mac ToolBox.

We’ve previously mentioned here at ProVideo Coalition products from Paragon Software, like Microsoft NTFS for Mac , which grants ultra-fast, transparent read/write access to Windows-formatted NTFS hard drives, SSDs, and thumb drives under macOS.  Now it is time to look at a solution that bundles different programs from Paragon Software under a single name: Paragon Mac ToolBox.

Paragon Mac ToolBox: essential tools for Mac and Windows usersThis set of tools is ideal for users frequently working in Mac and Windows environments. The toolkit contains the most essential technologies for overcoming cross-platform limitations and incompatibilities when switching between Mac and Windows systems. Paragon Mac ToolBox is available for $39.95, saving users 50 percent off the original product price on all tools if purchased separately.

Paragon Mac ToolBox includes:

  • NTFS for Mac, an award-winning driver that grants users full read/write access to Microsoft NTFS-formatted data on Mac systems. Like the majority of Paragon System Link drivers, once the program is installed, users can immediately navigate volumes, as well as read, edit, copy, or create files and folders. All product options and functionality, including information on mounted volumes, system startup, and verification can be accessed conveniently from the Mac Finder menu bar;
  • APFS for Windows is a driver for smooth operations with APFS-formatted volumes on a Windows PC;
  • HFS+ for Windows, a driver for seamlessly working with macOS HFS+ formatted volumes on PC;
  • NTFS-HFS+ Converter converts NTFS volumes to HFS+ volumes or vice versa while guaranteeing no data loss;
  • APFS-HFS+ Converter easily reverts files from APFS to the older HFS+ for specific operations (HFS+ volumes only);
  • CampTune provides a simple user interface with a slider to easily redistribute Boot Camp storage space between Mac and Windows.

The company notes that the Paragon Mac ToolBox bundle is strictly for home use. For a business alternative, users should check on Paragon Software Group website for File System Link Business Suite.

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