PaintX, a paint utility software for FCPX

Editors and artists who need to quickly and accurately apply ‘fixes’ to footage in FCPX, have a new tool available, Paint X.

PaintX, a paint utility software for FCPX

CoreMelt introduced recently Paint X, the first paint utility with advanced planar tracking integration for FCPX artists. The software has a special price until September 4.

CoreMelt new PaintX software, with mocha integration, the Academy Award-­winning Planar Tracking technology that precisely tracks camera motion, objects and people for seamless visual effects and screen composites, enables FCPX artists to apply quick, accurate planar tracked fixes to footage with a swipe of a brush. PaintX, claims CoreMelt, “is a unique fast and powerful tool for quick fix ups of all kinds during the finishing of your edit.  Remove blemishes in skin, paint out unwanted objects such as powerlines or antennas, apply digital makeup, or repair damaged video.”

The tool makes it as easy as drawing a stroke then hitting one button to use the powerful mocha tracker to have the paint stroke follow the movement in your video. PaintX enables editors and artists to quickly and accurately apply ‘fixes’ to footage and sequences by simply using standard color, blur, sharpen, clone, smear and warp brushes and applying the Planar Tracker.

Regularly priced at $99.00 USD, PaintX will be available at a special introductory price of $69.00 USD through September 4th, 2018. Follow the link to take advantage of the introductory pricing. Additionally, CoreMelt is offering significant discounts on its Everything Bundle (which also includes PaintX) and its Chromatic + PaintX bundles. Follow this link more information or to take advantage of these discounts.

CoreMelt says that PaintX is the first paint utility with advanced Planar Tracking integration for FCPX artists and integrates a number of features designed to significantly simplify and accelerate the editing workflow. With PaintX:

  • Every paint stroke is editable after being made and is fully non destructive with unlimited undo;
  • Tracked clone brush solves a multitude of common problems in seconds;
  • Integrated mocha tracker is accessible in a single button press;
  • Each stroke can have a different track applied to multiple tracks all in one plugin;
  • Copy paste track data from one stroke to another in order to apply different effects with the same track data;
  • Save and restore brush preset shapes and sizes;
  • Easily perform tasks that would otherwise involve preparing images in external image editors.

The team at CoreMelt has also worked closely with the FCPX community to develop a series of tutorials to help new users familiarize themselves with the PaintX workflow within FCPX. Follow the link to view the entire library of tutorials.

CoreMelt PaintX is available immediately at a special introductory price of $69.00 USD – through September 4, 2018. Beginning September 5, 2018, PaintX will be available for $99.00 USD.

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