OmniVision OV16E10: a high-end sensor for mainstream smartphones

OmniVision’s new 16MP image sensor has one goal: to bring top performance and high resolution to the mainstream smartphone market. If you use your smartphone for image capture, this is good news!

OmniVision OV16E10: a high-end sensor for mainstream smartphones

Designed with image stabilization for video and still capture in mind and featuring PDAF, the new OV16E10 16MP sensor from Omnivision delivers 4K UHD at 60fps or 720p video at 180 fps.

Introduced as “best-in-class 1.12-micron sensor” enabling fast advanced autofocus and excellent low-light performance for best user experience, the new OV16E10 represents the latest generation of OmniVision’s high-performance 16-megapixel (MP) image sensor family. Built on the company’s latest 1.12-micron PureCel Plus stacked die technology with world-class sensitivity and QE performance, the 1/2.8” OV16E10 sensor comes with advanced imaging features to deliver industry-leading performance for both single- and multi-camera applications.

PureCel Plus improves sensitivity, angular response, full-well capacity and reduces the noise for better SNR and higher dynamic range. In low-light conditions, PureCel Plus pixel technology picks up more light than previous generations by significantly enhancing sensor sensitivity and full-well capacity, which boosts low-light performance with lower SNR10 and higher dynamic range. Reducing color crosstalk further improves color reproduction, says OmniVision.

High-quality images and video

In addition to improving performance, smartphone manufacturers also aim to create models with a slimmer design, so they need image systems that are ultra compact. OmniVision’s sensor angular response improvement enables this with higher chief ray angle (CRA) tolerance, allowing for low F-number lenses and a thinner camera module.

“With 16MP cameras moving into a greater variety of smartphones, consumers at all price points expect their phones to deliver high-quality images and video,” said Xinjing Wang, product marketing manager at OmniVision. “Following the success of the previous-generation OV16B10 in the high-end mobile segment, this new image sensor brings high resolution with the same excellent image quality and features to the mainstream smartphone market.”

The previous-generation sensor, OV16B10, is a high-performance, power-efficient, high-resolution image sensor featuring phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) and a gyro interface that reads and synchronizes the motion data from an external gyroscope for precise image stabilization, functions also present in the new sensor, OV16E10.

OmniVision OV16E10: a high-end sensor for mainstream smartphones

Ideal for multi-camera designs

Integrated into the new sensor is a 2×1 Microlens phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) function, a feature previously associated only with premium smartphones. This advanced PDAF technology imparts smartphones with fast and accurate autofocus capabilities, even in low-light conditions.

OmniVision says that “the OV16E10 is ideal for dual-camera and tri-camera designs. Its built-in frame rate synchronization supports image fusion in dual- and triple-cameras while simplifying camera system architectures. The OV16E10 also features a gyro interface that reads and synchronizes the motion data from an external gyroscope to enable precise image stabilization for video and still capture”.

The new sensor also supports multiple resolution configurations, including 16MP images output at 30 frames per second (fps), 4K2K video at 60 fps, 1080p video at 120 fps and 720p video at 180 fps.

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