OLED Enters the Monitor Mainstream

Trimaster EL technology for the rest of us


An all-in-one chassis design, the PVM-2541 includes a range of inputs, standard.

Sony’s BVM Series Trimaster EL™ monitors were big news at the HPA Tech Retreat in February, and an even bigger hit at NAB, where they garnered one award after another. Designed for critical evaluation, the BVM Series has always served the elite. So it was all the more newsworthy that NAB saw the introduction of two new PVM Series monitors that combine Trimaster EL technology with tremendous value. The PVM-1741 (16.5 inches viewable area, measured diagonally) carries a suggested list price of just $4,100 while the PVM-2541 (24.5 inches) has an MSRP of $6,100. This places OLED performance right into the monitor mainstream.

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Much ink has already been spilled, and much bandwidth already burnt, to explain the eye-popping benefits of Sony Trimaster EL technology. This replaces the conventional LCD with an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) panel. OLED is remarkably well suited to digital displays, offering high brightness, wide viewing angle, and stable color. But what really sets the Trimaster EL system apart is superb black level and extremely fast switching speed.

When a Trimaster EL pixel is off, it’s completely off. A favorite demonstration is to position the monitor in a darkened room, powered down. When the monitor is switched on to a vacant input, there’s no change in appearance. If it weren’t for the status LEDs, you wouldn’t even know the monitor was powered up. This makes the PVM-2541 and 1741 ideal partners for today’s high dynamic range cameras. What low-level details these cameras can produce, these monitors can reproduce. And where LCDs switch from white to black in a matter of milliseconds, Trimaster EL technology switches in microseconds-three orders of magnitude faster. The technology is capable of phenomenal contrast and superb motion rendering.

All-in-one chassis

The PVM-2541 and 1741 have an all-in-one design with display and controls on a single chassis. Shoppers going down the feature list will be impressed by how many boxes are already checked. For example, the monitors include a pair of 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, plus HDMI™ and composite inputs, all standard. As you would expect, both the 25 inch and the 17 inch have 1920 x 1080 resolution and 10-bit precision panel drivers. The monitors support multiple gamuts including SMPTE C, EBU and ITU-R BT.709. There’s also an internal waveform monitor, VITC time code window, Ethernet and parallel remote interfaces and decoding of SDI embedded audio with audio level meter.


Seven F buttons, no waiting.

Sony upgraded the menu system. Seven Function buttons to give you instant access to selections. One knob handles Scroll and Enter, which leaves only a Menu and Return button. Customers are telling us it’s really simple and direct.

The next stage of Sony’s Trimaster EL revolution is coming soon to an edit bay near you. PVM-2541 and PVM-1741 will be available in August.


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