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A few weeks ago, we published our third newsletter: PVC Pipeline | Distribution, covering a wide range of subjects from podcasting through independent films distribution to creating DVDs. During that time, subscribers had exclusive access to the articles it contained. These articles are now available for all PVC users to view; a list of them is included below (click the “more” link if you can’t see them).

We are about to publish our fourth newsletter, which will be the second edition of our original PVC Pipeline | Production newsletter. It will contain an in-depth review of the Sony HVR-Z5u camera by Adam Wilt, reviews of the Rode NTG-3 and Blimp microphones by Jim Feeley, and an extensive (plus no doubt opinionated) NAB wrap-up by Alex Lindsay. To receive exclusive access to these articles before everyone else, click here for your free subscription!

PVC Pipeline | Distribution #1:


Podcasting Design

by Alex Lindsay


Practical Distribution Options for Indie Filmmakers

by FreshDV


Übercaster: the most complete audio podcasting tool I know for Mac

by Allan T©pper


3D Menu Buttons from Photoshop Extended for DVD Studio Pro

by Michael Vitti

(Quite sadly, Michael Vitti passed away during the most recent NAB show. We continue to make his article available here as a tribute to the generous, sharing person that Michael was.

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