New iPhone app: Wi-Fi WFM

If you have a Teradek encoder/transmitter, your iDevice is now a full set of ‘scopes

Shameless commercial message: I’ve developed a new iPhone app, Wi-Fi WFM. It takes the wireless feed from a Teradek Cube, Clip, or VidiU and displays its picture along with a waveform monitor, vectorscope, and/or histogram.

Wi-Fi WFM receiving from a Cube 255 on a GH4
Wi-Fi WFM receiving from a Cube 255 on a GH4

Background: Teradek H.264 encoders take camera feeds and send them over Wi-Fi or wired links as H.264 streams. They’re used for live streaming and remote monitoring; in the latter case they’re very useful supplying director’s feeds from mobile cameras, as well as seeing pix from cameras on drones, gimbals, Steadicams, or in other situations where running a video cable can be problematic. You can display the streams on iPhones and iPads, making them lightweight, portable monitors.

Wi-Fi WFM on an iPad
Wi-Fi WFM on an iPad, showing all three ‘scopes

Wi-Fi WFM adds engineering ‘scopes to the picture display, so you can see exactly what the camera is doing in, in real time (well, almost). Now you can check white balance and exposure levels without a tethered ‘scope, and watch those levels as the camera roams the set or flies high on a drone.

Yes, even YCbCr waveforms.
Yes, even YCbCr waveforms. Alex Lindsay told me he needed ’em, so here they are.

I could go on, and tell you how this will change your life for the better (improve your videography! get higher-paying clients! attract staggeringly gorgeous romantic partners!), but I’m obviously biased.

Even so, I will say that if you’re in that narrow subset of folks who (a) uses Teradeks and (b) uses ‘scopes, you might want to have a look. I wrote it because I needed such a thing; maybe you’ll find it useful, too.

I’ll be at Cine Gear Expo this week, using Wi-Fi WFM in the DSC Labs booth, S239 in Stage 31 (tag-teaming with Art Adams). If you’re at the show, stop by and see it in use.


Disclosure: I wrote Wi-Fi WFM, so if you buy it, I’ll make money.

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