New collapsible beauty dish from Phottix

Phottix announced a new addition to its Luna II series of lighting solutions, the Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish, a take everywhere beauty dish.

New collapsible beauty dish from Phottix

With a white interior,  diffuser and fabric grid, the Luna II 60 makes makes taking a beauty dish on location easy. It folds down and is easier to transport than traditional metal beauty dishes.

It’s not as if Phottix did not offer a beauty dish already, and that’s explained because beauty dishes are an extremely popular lighting modifier. Those familiar with the Phottix lightboxes know the original Luna Folding Beauty Dish, the Pro Beauty Dish MK II or the, somehow more closer in shape Spartan Beauty Dish, which assembles easily using flexible rods and is also a collapsible beauty dish. The Spartan, though, is an octa softbox, available in 50 and 70cm sizes, and priced at $120 or $145 respectively, while the Phottix Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish sits in between the two, sized at 60cm, and costs $80.

Presented as the next generation of the popular  Luna series, the Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish is compact, includes an integrated speed ring (which is not included in the Spartan model), has internal metal supports , and can be set up or fold away in seconds. Like the original Luna series – the Luna II makes taking a beauty dish with you easier than most of us thought.

Great to take on-location, the Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish features the already mentioned integrated S-Type speed ring with locking metal supports. The light characteristics of the Luna II are comparable with conventional metal beauty dishes, says Phottix, and the new product is introduced as the perfect companion to the Phottix Indra series or with hot shoe flashes when mounted on the Phottix Cerberus, just like the Spartan.

The Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish is, in fact, more than just a beauty dish, and that’s an important element to consider, as these light modifiers help photographers create innovative lighting effects.  Being portable and easy to assemble, besides being available in different sizes makes them essential tools to include in photographers’ workflow.

The Luna II 60 Folding Beauty Dish is available now from your local  dealer or from Phottix Online.

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