NAB launches its own iPhone app


Going to the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters convention? Have an iPhone? Then you’ve got to grab the free NAB Show iPhone app (iTunes link). They’ve crammed a lot of information into this little program and you can find just about anything and everything about NAB 2010 right in the app.

There’s a calendar that you can use to keep track of your schedule during the week there. There’s events, speakers and exhibitor listings too. The real power of the app comes from its cross referencing capabilities. Find and exhibitor you’re looking for and you can instantly map it. The map is an especially handy feature because if you know the enormity of the Las Vegas Convention Center then you know how easy it might be to get lost in the exhibits. The map portion of the app lets you choose which part of the convention center you want to map and then zoom and flick the map around by looking at a top down view of the show floor. Once you star an exhibitor they show up in color on the map. It’s really going to help plan your time on the show floor.


Star an exhibitor and they are then highlighted on the map

There’s also a Speaker list under the More button. You can scroll through a very long list of speakers and see all the sessions each speaker is leading. Unfortunately there’s no iPhone standard alphabet along the side of the speaker menu so it might take a while to find who you are looking for (plus they are alphabetized by first name) but once you do you can see the sessions each person is leading as well as rate the sessions after they are done.


Speakers can be searched by name from a huge list of NAB speakers, teachers, keynotes and others professionals at the event


You can also search by event or get descriptions about the various classes from the speaker’s pages

There’s even a little Twitter client that will preplace a #NABSHOW hash tag for you. The app was created by Core-apps. It’s called “Follow Me” and is “a first-of-its kind interactive smart phone application designed specifically for the trade show/conference industry.” It’s pretty cool and is yet another great use for the iPhone! You can download the NAB Show app here at this iTunes link. It might just make your 2010 NAB a little easier to plan and navigate.

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