NAB Show: new monitors from BenQ

BenQ will demonstrate at 2017 NAB Show its newest Creative Series monitors for video, and introduce a new 27-inch monitor, PD2710QC, the world’s first design monitor to include a USB-C Docking Station for MacBook and PC users.

NAB Show: new monitors from BenQ

The Technicolor Color-Certified PV270 and the PV3200PT monitors from BenQ will be used for practical demonstrations in the fields of video editing and post-production, at BenQ’s booth in Las Vegas.There is also a new 27-inch professional monitor.

The newcomer to BenQ’s line of professional monitors, the PD2710QC is a 27-inch monitor (2560×1440) IPS LED display featuring 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color accuracy and a wide viewing angle performance that ensures creative professionals can work confidently. As part of BenQ’s PD series design monitors, the display is also Technicolor Color-Certified, meeting, claims BenQ, “the strict standards for color accuracy used in Hollywood and throughout the media and entertainment industries.”

The new PD2710QC is the world’s first design monitor to include a USB-C Docking Station for MacBook and PC users, allowing designers to charge devices, transfer data, transmit audio and video, and connect to the internet, all through the convenience of a single cable.

NAB Show: new monitors from BenQ

“The PD2710QC is engineered to meet the highest standards for color performance, ensuring the very best creation process for designers — from start to finish,” said J.Y. Hu, vice president, business line management at BenQ America Corp. “But we didn’t stop there: The USB-C Docking Station is a one-of-a-kind innovation that makes the monitor a powerhouse of productivity to ease the creative process.”

Simultaneously delivering up to 61 watts of power to a laptop or mobile device, the monitor’s single 5-Gbps Super Speed USB-C connection powers its integrated hub and features multiple audio, video, network, and USB ports in addition to uncompressed crystal-clear 2K QHD video quality. The USB-C Docking Station is the perfect modern complement to the display’s edge-to-edge, four-sided slim bezel design and space grey metal finishing. The result, according to BenQ, “is a beautifully crafted monitor that fits any working space, while offering users a seamless visual experience that is pivotal for artistic creation. Using the screen’s DisplayPort output and built-in multi-stream transport technology (MST), users can expand their workspace across multiple monitors. In addition, the included Display Pilot Software allows users to further customize their viewing experience by splitting their screen into multiple windows. “

Besides being colour certified by Technicolor, the monitor offers other features, including a Darkroom mode, which creates the optimal setting for work in darker post-processing environments by adjusting the brightness and contrast of images that give clarity and sharpness to details; a revolutionary CAD/CAM mode, which offers superior contrast on lines and shapes of technical illustrations, bringing out the smallest details to view; and BenQ’s innovative Animation mode, allowing designers to control and perfect every moment by lightening image areas to better visualize the details hiding in dark shadows.

To provide the very best screen conditions that ensure eye comfort and vision health for long hours at a computer, BenQ incorporated features that ease eye strain. In addition to an anti-glare screen, the display boasts BenQ’s market-leading Eye-Care technology, including Zeroflicker and Low Blue Light, which eliminate flicker and filter out harmful blue light that can cause eye fatigue and irritation. The PD2710QC is priced at $599.

NAB Show: new monitors from BenQ

During the Las Vegas event BenQ will also demonstrate its newest Creative Series monitors. At booth SL9830, attendees will experience BenQ’s Technicolor Color-Certified PV270 video post-production and PV3200PT video editing monitors and learn how they can improve image visualization.

“Editing and post-production is becoming more and more nuanced, requiring more of attention to detail than ever before,” said J.Y. Hu, vice president, business line management at BenQ America Corp. “At NAB, attendees will get a hands-on demonstration of the innovations we pack into our monitors to make their jobs of executing such fine-tuned details easier and more accurate without ever compromising on color performance.”

BenQ’s PV270 Technicolor Color-Certified monitor delivers, claims BenQ, accurate color from start to finish. The monitor’s 99% Adobe RGB coverage encompasses most of the colors producible for photography, whereas the 100% Rec. 709 coverage and the 96% DCI-P3 color gamut is crucial for video post-production work. Thus, the PV270 is ideal for post-production pros, as well as professional photographers that currently edit video, or for those thinking about moving into video. The display includes brightness uniformity, which offers a more authentic and consistent viewing experience. The 2560 x 1440 (QHD) resolution delivers the crisp picture quality expected for close reviews and detailed editing, and the spacious 27″ widescreen view provides greater comfort and productivity. With a 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) and Delta-E value of less than or equal to 1.5, professionals can display the most accurate color mixture. It also improves the RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable color and grey tone reproduction.

NAB Show: new monitors from BenQ

The PV3200PT is BenQ’s first monitor designed specifically with video post-production professionals in mind. This wide-angle, 32″ IPS display features 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution to scrutinize images to the finest details. The PV3200PT’s color gamut covers 100% Rec.709/sRGB and includes hardware calibration support via the Palette Master Element calibration software to adjust the monitor’s color gamut, white point, color temperature and luminance.

A Brightness Uniformity feature helps maintain the monitor’s display performance and ensure even brightness throughout the canvas. With built-in 24P support, videos can be viewed with correct timing at their native cinematic frame rates. Other features include built-in 14-bit 3D LUT and a Delta-E value of less than or equal to 1.5 to deliver the highest color accuracy and the truest reproduction of original images. An optional software development kit is also available to allow studios or calibration software providers to be more involved in the setting of calibration customizations.

Available now, the BenQ PV270 retails for $899 and the PV3200PT retails for $1,299.

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