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NAB 2019: The Versatile Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic lenses

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OK, let’s talk about beer and how small breweries brew limited edition beers, small batches created following special recipes, that only a – lucky – few get to try. I don’t know why, but that’s what I imagined when I first heard about these lenses. Then there is the animal, popularly known for the ability to adapt the color of its skin, using it as camouflage: the chameleon.

That’s what the Caldwell Chameleon primes are: they may not be a limited edition, but you’ve to be a “connoisseur” to really appreciate them, and only in the right circles you’ll hear people talk about them. And they are designed with a flexibility that allows them to be used in different ways. That’s where the Chameleon name comes from.

Caldwell Imagine: two exciting lens brands being shown at one place, the classic Baltar (we also have a video on them), brought back to life, and the new line of 1.79x anamorphic prime lenses under the name Caldwell Chameleon.

The Caldwell Chameleon primes, a series of seven lenses covering everything from 32 to 150mm, are being revealed now, with the first set of lenses to be delivered in June. These lenses are “chameleons”, because they feature a flexible, interchangeable rear group allowing filmmakers to swap between high-speed S35 image circle or a versatile Full Frame/VV format lens. Designed by Brian Caldwell, these are completely new products that remind us of the importance of supporting small breweries… The video will reveal some more of the exciting options and will make you want to know more!


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