MQ Mount: a support for T-12 light tube fixtures

Matthews Studio Equipment takes to NAB 2018 a product it references as one of the coolest new tools to mount T-12 light tube fixtures with minimal light loss: the MQ Mount.

MQ Mount: a support for T-12 light tube fixtures

With LED lighting use on the rise in the entertainment industry, new support solutions are needed, so Matthews Studio Equipment designed the MQ Mount, a simple solution to keep T-12 LED light tube fixtures in place.

Debuting at the 2018 NAB Show, in Las Vegas, where it will share space with other products on show at the Matthews Studio Equipment booth (C5437 – under the big white Matthews balloon), the patent pending MQ Mount is designed to clamp T-12 light tube fixtures with minimal light loss, without the possibility of crushing the tube.

MQ Mount: a support for T-12 light tube fixtures

“The T-12 LED lighting market is booming as technology continues to advance beyond incandescent and fluorescent fixtures,” says Tyler Phillips Vice President Matthews Studio Equipment. “From three-point lighting to practical, the low-profile of the T-12 LED has endless applications. The new challenge – rigging these low-profile lights securely and quickly without crushing the lamp. The stem-rod for the MQ Mount can be expanded in a variety of lengths, making the placement of lights simple.”

The mount features the industry standard 3/8” pin which can be used with any industry grip head. The pin is knurled to prevent unwanted rotations and is internally tapped ¼”-20 to expand its length and rigging capabilities. Manufactured from lightweight, high-impact plastic and aluminum parts, it is compatible with all T-12 fixtures, both fluorescent and LED.

The MQ Mount, which costs $ 69.00, is another example of Matthews Studio Equipment creating equipment that not only stands the test of time but adapts to all types of challenges. The Burbank based manufacturer of camera and lighting support for the entertainment industry will be present at NAB 2018 with this and other products, some of which ProVideo Coalition mentioned before, like the new DuttiDOCK, presented as the perfect support for operators on the go, or the K-Stacker II, which offers a simple solution for LED and FLO lighting support.

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