Lowel Go Lite, a compact LED panel with flash

Lowel, a division of The Tiffen Company, has launched the Lowel Go Lite, a compact LED panel offering 5500K/3200K color temperature and 90+ in terms of color rendering… and a flash.

Lowel Go Lite, a compact LED panel for photo and video

The Go Lite is a whole more than just one light. The compact lighting solution for photo and video is three LED lights to use on the camera or handheld.

Small, take everywhere LED panels are essential if you need to move around quickly, especially if you’re working on your own and need to carry everything with you. That’s where solutions as the new Lowel Go Lite enter: the Go Lite is a 500 lumens output LED light that can be used on the camera, ideal for video and to follow your subject, but can also be placed on a light stand or where needed, to offer a 5500k (daylight) light source which can be converted to 3200k (tungsten) with a filter, and also to a daylight softbox with the round accessory included.

Lowel Go Lite, a compact LED panel for photo and video

The Lowel Go Lite is also a photographer’s delight, not just because of the LED options available, but because it can do two things: be an AF assist light, and a flash, able to work, according to the manual, with Canon and Nikon cameras with hot shoe mount. The fact that it works directly through the hot shoe, when commuted to the flash function, makes it more interesting than previous solutions, like the “old” LitePanels Micro Pro Hybrid, which I still own. It was revolutionary when launched, but LED panels rapidly evolved, both in technology and power.

Lowel Go Lite, a compact LED panel for photo and video

Although as a flash the Lowel Go Lite does not offer the power or features to be used as a photographer’s flash system, it is a welcome addition to the tools available, and, as said, can save many a situations. The LED light itself, although not offering a LCD panel to control the light, offers brightness adjustment in 10 steps, which allows for better control than those dimmers you just turn or slide trying to get the right amount of light.

Weighing at under a pound, this easy to carry light  is small enough to fit in a corner of your photo or video bag. Designed for the utmost power and portability, the Lowel Go Lite provides convenience and versatility at an affordable price point ($70), making it the ideal tool for any on the go filmmaker or photographer.

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