Lightning Quick Camera Guides

The guide offers immediate access to the most important settings on your camera

Ever been stuck on set with a new camera and no idea which menu contains something as simple as formatting the memory card? You’re not alone. That’s why moviola.com has added its latest free resource: video-based camera guides to get you straight to the setting you need.

Guides are broken down by camera and then by category. Need to find the white balance controls? Just click the link and watch the video (averaging under 10 seconds run time). No more thumbing through tersely translated user guides or searching through a dozen seminar-length YouTube videos. The guide takes you straight to exactly and only what you need to know to get on with the shoot. It’s mobile-friendly too.

Now we’re just getting started, but over the next few weeks we’ll have guides posted for a staple of current release Canon cameras. For now, check out the posted guides for the C500 Mk II, RED Gemini 5K, and the Sony Alpha A7 III. We plan for this to become a comprehensive reference library, so you’ll soon see guides posted for most of the popular camera brands.

If you’re navigating from the moviola.com main page, just hover over “Guides” on the menu bar and select “Camera Guide.” Check back often as we have big plans to expand the library.


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