Between Dimensions: 3D Into AE

The logo was rendered in a 3D program; the walls were created in After Effects. Both use the same camera…

More Motion, Less Control

Most of you are probably familiar with the concept of using a camera to pan and zoom around still images….

Pulse Rays

Light ray treatments, where streaks of color extend from type, a logo, or image, are popping up everywhere these days….


Gobos and Gels

Finishing our tour of 3D lighting in After Effects, we’ll discuss gobos and gels. For those new to lighting, a…


Lurking in the Shadows

The second stop in our overview of 3D lighting in After Effects is the subject of shadows. In the Dark…

Blinded by the Light

The 3D implementation in After Effects is very flexible. You can selectively place some layers in 3D space, and leave…

Making 3D Effects Behave Like 3D

Expressions can make “fake” 3D plug-ins such as CC Sphere track After Effects’ 3D cameras. After Effects is, at heart,…


Urban Legends of Video

Like urban legends, there are a few pieces of “conventional wisdom” that float around the motion graphics and 3D communities…


Expressive Animation

One common use of expressions is to set up automatic relationships between layers, such as having a minute hand rotate…


Parenting Skills

Parenting is the ability to link one object to another. Once this bond has been established between parent and child,…


Open Wide: Creating That Widescreen Look

For years, the widescreen look has held a certain allure. Most widescreen imagery originated as film that was reframed for…

Enter a New Dimension: Moving Into 3D

In this redesign of PAX TV’s on-air look, the primetime promotional end caps are filled with light and translucent shapes….

Elements for Editors

As motion graphics artists, we’re often asked to supply elements for an editor to use in a final composite or…


2D Texture Mapping

Plain solid-colored text is not convincing when composited on top of another surface (top). Applying it with blending modes (above)…


Luminance Ranges in Video

It would seem like a simple concept: “black” is the darkest color you can have; “white” is the brightest color….

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