Kyno has a new version, 1.5, and a big brother: Kyno Premium

Offering features requested by users of FCPX and Premiere, Kyno 1.5, launched this month, comes with a surprise: the program now has a big brother, Kyno Premium.

Kyno has a new version, 1.5, and a big brother: Kyno Premium

Trusted by media professionals around the world,  Kyno offers an ingest-free media management, screening and transcoding platform that adjusts to your workflow. Now you have two versions: Standard and Premium.

Kyno is presented as the revolutionary all-in-one media management app for videographers… but it should be said it also works to export stills to multiple destinations, along with many other features photographers… and yes, videographers love. Now Kyno get version 1.5, with a ton of improvements, and a big brotther.

Announced this month, the launch of Kyno 1.5 is a very special one, according to the company behind the product, Lesspain Software. Together with version 1.5 a new solution is introduced, Kyno Premium, a version geared towards larger teams and organisations in the broadcast, news & film industry.

Continued commitment to deliver a world-class all-round product for the community of small filmmakers, freelancers and small content producers with Kyno Standard Edition continues to be key for the company behind the product, but the need for another solution lead to the development of Kyno Premium Edition.

According to Lesspain Software, the big brother of Kyno “and the enterprise extensions address the realities of the Premium segment with more and often very specific requirements, which usually means higher development effort on our side and lower seat counts. Splitting our product line in those two editions allows us to cater to the needs of our entire community ranging from enthusiasts and small businesses up to big corporations while running a sustainable business of providing high-quality, working solutions to all members of our very diverse community.”

Kyno 1.5 Standard Edition introduces ways to clean-up the timestamp mess, by intelligently batch-correct an entire shoot’s files with a few clicks retaining relative time differences between the takes. So, next time your forget to set the clock on your camera, you know Kyno will clean the mess. There is more, though, and Final Cut Pro X users will appreciate that the much requested drag & drop support for sending clips with metadata to an FCPX event makes the workflow even smoother. Furthermore, Kyno now also supports the playback of MXF ProRes files created with FCPX. Also FCPX XML export has been changed to use version 1.6 of FCPX XML.

Kyno has a new version, 1.5, and a big brother: Kyno Premium

Premiere Pro users also get a big ramp-up with support for auto-creation of bins, even based on the existing folder structure, when sending clips with metadata to Premiere Pro.

The list of features also includes the new thumbnail column in Kyno’s configurable list view , which lets users get the best of both worlds when organising media files: all technical metadata at a glance and still a good visual overview. Also new is the fact that transcoding presets can now be imported and exported to be able to share them in a team or with the community.

Apart from a number of bug fixes and stability improvements, Kyno 1.5 brings WebP image support as well as GH5s raw stills, filtering of more metadata, advanced batch naming controls for space and case handling, IMX/D10 support, improvements in audio channel selection as well as better render quality in the player.

Kyno has a new version, 1.5, and a big brother: Kyno Premium

The Kyno Premium Edition, on top of that, also offer delivery workflows, more flexibility, efficiency & power and more broadcast formats. Kyno Premium differentiates itself with functionality targeted at environments where more complex workflows are commonplace such as TV & news networks, big production companies and organisations functioning in a similar way. Their workflows usually involve more roles and team members and often take place over different locations. They also typically require more possibilities for workflow customisation and optimisation as well as support for technology specific to those areas and sometimes just more powerful options for certain functionality.

On the workflow side, the biggest news is the new delivery function that allows Kyno users to put together packages of material and then hand them off with metadata to either local or remote destinations. For remote transfer, FTP/FTPS support is built in (extensible to Aspera and FileCatalyst transfer acceleration for enterprise customers, see below). A wide range of options lets users configure the workflow to match their specific delivery requirement ranging from delivering a shot list and proxies for the selected best shots or a full material delivery with metadata to either use in downstream Kyno instances or to import into Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X or a MAM system.

Furthermore the option to predefine metadata sets to be applied to batches or even be applied automatically to material from a pre-configured SD card will result in even higher speed and efficiency in team workflows. More aspects of Kyno’s metadata management side can be configured, such as a shared cache location or the policy for storing metadata entered by local Kyno users.

On the more technical side of things, Kyno Premium supports P2 camera structures, allows creation of MXF files as well as transcoding to Avid’s DNxHD/DNxHQ/DNxHR codecs. Audio track and channel handling can be freely configured in the transcoder with either automatic or fully individual channel mapping even for batch operations. The video denoise filter allows configuration from its default behaviour to be able to deal more flexibly with more challenges of noisy video material.

For the roll-out in large corporate environments additional options exist such as custom package deployment (CPD), i.e. the possibility to deploy/provision Kyno preconfigured with custom settings as well as customized organization- or department-wide transcoding or naming presets. Also, Aspera and FileCatalyst transfer acceleration packages are available for the new delivery workflow.

The new Premium Edition of Kyno is sold for $349 and there will be a discount for the four weeks after the launch of Kyno Premium, allowing to upgrade to or start using Kyno Premium at reductions of more than 25% of the regular price.

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