Kids Build VFX Company, I Send Tachyon Beam Back in Time

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This is interesting, two boys, Ben and Alex, 11 and 13 respectively, are making, and selling, their own Star Wars inspired plug-ins, with the help of their dad who’s a developer. They’ve got light sabers and blasters, as well as some “space wipes”. The plug-ins run in FCP, Motion, AE and Premiere.

I’m posting this and hope the message, via modulated tachyon pulse, can travel back in time thirty years to let my 13 year-old self know that in the future, kids will not only make their own Star Wars episodes, but also create their own VFX software companies to sell effects to other kids. 

Because that’s awesome.

I personally have not used these plug-ins or wipes, because I am not really doing much lightsaber or blaster work these days However, having done this thing in Photoshop 2.0, one frame at a time, and then having done in again in After Effects with way too many key frames, I totally appreciate Ben and Alex taking the time to develop a tool set that will save other artists time.

Take a look at the link. I mean, come on!

ben and alex with lightsabers1

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Eric Escobar is a writer, director and colorist in Oakland California.

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