K-Tek announces a new Stingray bag for the Zoom F6 mixer/recorder

The new K-Tek bag, Stingray Zoom F6, now available, is a versatile carrier that offers safety and protection while accommodating common working styles with access to all Zoom F6 connection points.

K-Tek shows a new bag for the Zoom F6 mixer/recorder

Presented as the perfect companion for the Zoom F6 Mixer/Recorder, the new Stingray bag from K-Tek allows users to turn the Zoom 6  mixer/recorder into a wearable or a tabletop workstation.

Designed for the new Zoom F6 field recorder, the new KSF6 – Stingray Zoom F6 bag from K-Tek is more than a solution to carry your Zoom F6 around. This versatile carrier offers safety and protection but is designed with convenient tabletop operation in mind, thanks to a built-in adjustable kickstand that enables easy control interface and comfortable viewing whether the user sits or stands.

K-Tek shows a new bag for the Zoom F6 mixer/recorder

K-Tek listened to users who asked for easy access all around, and the company’s answer is present in this new bag: dual zippers that encircle each side panel to fully reveal inputs, outputs and controls. The bottom flap opens wide to access the internal battery packs on the bottom of the F6. Then there’s the large buckle that safely snaps the bottom closed. The bag is designed so it can accommodate common working styles with access to all Zoom F6 connection points.

Whether it is carried over the shoulder or worn around the body, the integral Waist Belt/Shoulder Strap is adjustable for various sizes. Made of breathable material and padded for comfort, it also offers 2 MOLLE rigging points for additional accessories. Positioned around the bag and strap, 6 oversize MOLLE-style straps are ready to hold additional accessories ranging from wireless receivers to other Stingray bags, like the popular carryall Gizmo bags.

Price and availability

To protect the Zoom F6, an integrated frame enables stability and protection. Multi-layer walls offer exterior durability and the soft orange high-contrast interior makes it easy to visually separate the bag from the recorder. Inside, extra wide Velcro straps securely attach the F6 for solid support.

External dimensions for the Stingray Zoom F6 bag are 7.7 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches (196mm x 165mm x 80mm) and the internal size is 7.48 x 6.3 x 1.62 inches (190mm x 160mm x 41mm). The weight of the empty unit is just 0.98-lb / 0.44 kg.

The KSF6 Stingray Bag is listed at $125, and is now delivering. For a dealer list or more information about K-Tek products visit the company’s website.

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