Is the graphics card shortage finally over? 1
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For myself I for over a week have been hovering my mouse over whether to buy an RTX 3080 ( they have reduced in price significantly in Australia but still $1,800 AU give or take a hundred.

I have read elsewhere that prices will come down further and yet others state they are likely to rise irrespective of the new cards yet to launch.

What to do what to do?

My current 2080 TI is dying at least for heavy gaming ( works with light gaming ).

I game in 1440p Ultrawide at 100 or 120 hz and I truly don’t need anything more powerful.

So buying anything above an RTX 3080 will be a complete waste of my money.

So here I am on the literal fence.

It’s likely that I shall have to buy one regardless due to my said card dying.

I suspect my particular predicament is felt by many many others.

Thank you for reading.

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