Is the Canon C70 a viable cinema camera or just another entry in a crowded field? 35
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compare with what film makers had 50 years ago,C70 is a magical tool.but what makes a camera cinematic? is 5D2 a cinematic camera?C70 is a entry level pro camera which can generate cinematic footages,if you have a story,a director,a dop,a gaffer,a crew,and editor.nothing makes a camera cinematic, the way you use it makes it cinematic.

Robbie Coblentz

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Story beats equipment all the time. And twice on Saturdays. If you need further evidence, just look at what Danny Boyle did with DV cameras to make “28 Days Later.”

But I think today, “cinema camera” commonly means:
1) Does the camera have a large format sensor?
2) Can it shoot in a LOG space or in RAW?
3) Can you use fast lenses to achieve a shallow depth of field?

Just because you have a particular flavor of the newest camera, it doesn’t mean you are cinematic. It’s still about story.

But it is great that we can take some of those same visual principles that might contribute to the “cinematic look” and apply to lower budget corporate or industrial projects. Never have we’ve been able to make the boring look as visually interesting as now without breaking the bank.

Todd Simon

Hi Robbie, thanks for thaking the time to post this, extremely helpful. I have a C70 and really like it so far. Now I’m thinking about getting a gimbal for it. There are many posts online talking about issues with C70 compatibility with the DJI RS2… have you had any functionality issues or other problems? Thanks!

PA Nilsson

I’m about to step up from my eos6d to a c70 and after reading this I wonder about the evf solutions. Zacuto have something interesting except for the hinge problem on the canon lcd.
On my old 6d I bought the cheapest mussle and attached it on the lcd. It worked pretty well.
Any tips?


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