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Dean Harrington

I agree with you that Black Magic is probably conjuring up an 8K camera as we speak. It makes total sense! I prefer carbon fiber with a full frame sensor… personally. Keep it light guys!


It would be great with L mount to use it with lumix s pro lenses which don’t have focus breathing.


No one uses L mount that would be stupid on Blackmagic’s part.

Dean Harrington

With the 12K URSA Mini Pro in place, it’s time Blackmagic releases details on an 8K Pocket using the new 12K sensor array… hopefully, with changes that have already proven to be useful… such as the swing away LCD and the addition of both a MC styled battery solution and MC SSD recording system incorporated into the back of the LCD, this would make the camera a little thicker but a powerful duo combination for production. I’m still not convinced the 12K camera would be limited to high-end production alone. I think it will prove to be a very capably ‘all around’ camera!

Giorgio Carlevaro

I would add an EVF

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