Is Apple Silicon Your Fork in the Road? 3
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Allan Barnwell

While this article focuses on existing Mac users, I feel the title suggests more of an industry-wide perspective. I think what Apple has done with their silicon requires the entire industry, both Apple and non-Apple users to consider what is next. For example, this could be much bigger than the chip as no computer company has ever been able to own “the entire widget”. That is a huge advantage and could take computing in unexpected directions. For video professionals, the possibility of a complete paradigm shift in production and post is completely possible – though certainly it is too early to predict with any certainty. In these times, there can be a reward for living on the bleeding edge, but it all depends on how well you leverage being among the first at doing something and your timing in the market when you do it.

Ted Vandell

Let’s see how long Apple is happy with TSMC and Samsung making it’s chips. Motorolla couldn’t keep them happy and that’s when they moved to Intel chips to keep up with PCs.

Marty McLean

TSMC only manufacture Apple’s chips, I don’t know where you got Samsung from.
Motorola and IBM designed the chips for Apple, which is not the case now where Apple designs everything in-house.

Ted Vandell

TSMC has not been able to meet demand. The only other Forge available that can manufacture that chip is Samsung.


Have you even read the article?
You seem to mix and match “facts” to suit your narrative.

TSMC may not be able to meet demand.
Apple may use Samsung in the short term.

And as the article states “Apple has plenty of alternatives”.

And this all comes down to volume production not performance.
The switch away from Motorola, IBM, and now Intel was/is due to performance (per watt).
Which the article states.
Which if you read it would know.

Ted Vandell

As I said, Apple will need to use Samsung and TSMC to make their chips and that they’d previously used Motorola and then switched to Intel previously.
Here is another article, you may enjoy reading regarding this topic.


Your very first comment was confusing volume with speed (you still are) as well as getting the facts about the switch wrong.

Apple didn’t switch from Motorola to Intel.
They switched to IBM aka PowerPC.
And then from IBM to Intel.

BOTH switches, as well as the one now, were and are because of performance. Not an issue with volume production.

Last edited 3 years ago by Clint
Ted Vandell

Never said they were switching because of chip production. I find it ironic that Samsung will be making M1 chips for Apple. Don’t you? Happy New Year!

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