Inexpensive HDMI capture sticks solve camera shyness types 1, 2 & 3 in many cases 5
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Memo Sauceda

Great article!

Jamie Hayes

Fantastic article. Greetings from Brisbane. Is there any chance any of these sticks or the Atim mini could help my Panasonic GH3 act as a webcam?


Hey Allan,

Sam again from France here… It looks looks you write articles I appreciate a lot actually 😉 So thank you for this one also.

Now, let’s get to 2 questions I have, because this is not my “natural field” (I’m into post, with Fusion, Mocha and Resolve mainly), but I’m interested since I’m about to stream a couple of events here :

  1. you wrote “unbranded model” about Amazon’s stick, did you mean this one ? (french link). Because it looks like it’s the one of your article but it’s branded as “Gamry” (I don’t care about this or that brand, as long as it’s really this one it’s ok);
  2. these days I have a Sony Z190, whose manual specifies its HDMI can output 3840/2160 50p if I set it like that… or 25p if I’d like to, but 25 PsF is a separate output choice… It doesn’t look lik a Sony’s trick here; The table shows HDMI output options AND potential internal conversion of the cam (I won’t use).

So I understand I should use 25p regular in both choices to have UHD converted to FullHD 25p ready to be streamed, right ? => For Rec format, HDMI output and output signal, I’m scheduling 3840×2160P, 3840×2160P and 3840×2160 25P, which will be turned into 1920/1080 25p by the stick, do you confirm it was the choice you made ? 🙂

Thank you again anyway 🙂


Thx for your answer 😉

To put an end : the amazon usb adapter you used is the one of my link ?


BTW, I bought one as I wrote and it works like a charm 😉

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