Ikonoskop footage from Nick Paton ACS

The first user footage shot with the A-cam dII

Ikonoskop recently got their 2.1 prototype into the hands of Aussie Nick Paton ACS. Apparently Nick was one of the first to get on the reservation list, and he’s been kind enough to share some of the footage he shot with this tightly-packaged, uncompressed CCD camera system. You can watch the footage embedded below…

Ikonoskop has also made available several ungraded framegrabs from Nick’s video (at the above link). If you are keeping track of these things, Ikonoskop is currently running months behind their revised delivery schedule (shades of Red anyone?). Apparently it’s not an easy task to bring a new camera to market. At any rate, there are some useful nuggets of info on the A-cam dII camera in the Vimeo comments, check it out.

Ikonoskop DII beta test build 2.1 from Nick Paton ACS on Vimeo.

Matthew Jeppsen - DP Notes

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