I bought a cheap USB-C docking station so you don't have to 1
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I just feel it is important to note that this is not a “cheap” dock.
in accessories and adapters etc, the word cheap applies to things under $50. that other dock makers significantly markup for their $5 parts/labor devices does not make a $100+ dock “cheap”.
This dock might be cheaply made but its price is still expensive.
the reality is that OWC gets the same cheap components, tests them well for compatibility, then packages them for an audience that is easily taken by sleek packaging. sure there is more attention to details but in the end almost all of these types electronics use the same components.
A different but related point. USB/Thunderbolt distinctions are currently a mess right now due to Intel and the industry as a whole overlapping the two standards in the current generation. USB4 & TB4 are interchangeable but not exclusive which has really exacerbated the confusion created by the USBC port style being used for both.
(not saying this is the case here but in general this is has been an issue that seems to be lost in translation)…

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