Hub Turbo: the first-ever dual fast charging power bank from myCharge

Designed with mobile charging in mind, the Hub series from myCharge is now expanding, with the first Hub Turbo models, with 6700 mAh and Hub Turbo 10,050 mAh capacity.

Hub Turbo: a dual fast charging power bank

Able to keep your iPad Pro running for longer time and also compatible with other devices, the Hub Turbo 10,050 mAh from myCharge is the first-ever dual fast charging power bank.

When the low battery notification pops up on a smartphone or tablet the last thing anyone wants to do is sit around waiting for it to recharge, let alone search for the correct charging cords. Imagine you’re working on your iPad Pro, editing a video or some photographs, and the battery goes… not good! Be prepared, with a Hub Turbo 10,050 mAh, one of the newest portable powerbank to join myCharge’s flagship Hub series line, priced at $109.99. The other is the Hub Turbo 6700 mAh, which costs $89.99.

The Hub Turbo is an all-in-one portable powerbank that solves both issues with built-in charging cords and technology that delivers a powerful, fast recharge. The models now added to the Hub family, the Hub Turbo 6700 mAh and 10,050 mAh pair a Lightning cable with a USB-C cable that push both Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge for a fast recharge.

Reach full capacity in less time

The Hub Turbo is the first powerbank to hit the market with this feature and can recharge any Power Delivery or Quick Charge compatible device 75% faster than a traditional charger or power block. Both the 6700 and 10,050 mAh models also feature a USB-A port on their sides that can be used to charge another device with a separate charging cable as well as fold-out wall prongs on the back that can be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the unit. It’s a complete traveling solution to guarantee you’ll never end without energy to keep your devices running.

“The Hub series is everything you could need for mobile charging, plus the kitchen sink,” said myCharge President Jim Dara. “We’ve added new combinations of built-in charging cables so now Apple and Android device users can charge via older standards or the new C standard, and we’re also incorporating the latest fast charge technologies so your device battery will be at full capacity again in less time. There isn’t a charging convenience that we have overlooked in the Hub series, especially with the new Hub Turbo powerbanks.”

Hub Turbo: a dual fast charging power bank

Case protects batteries

The anodized aluminum line of Hub portable powerbanks makes powering smartphones and tablets on-the-go incredibly convenient. The case protects the batteries, designed with 12 layers of protection including defense against overheating and overcharging. Batteries used in myCharge devices are certified and pass National Analysis Center (NAC) performance and safety standards, says the company.

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