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Have you found a way to force these hidden refresh rates when NOT connected to an XDR? I am trying to get an M1 MacBook Air to output 1920×1080 highDPI (i.e. 3840×2160) at 29.97. It will sync beautifully with ATOMOS monitors, but only at 30Hz. I can NOT force it to 29.97. Like you, I’ve been trying to do this for years. The fact that I can finally get an ATOMOS to see it at highDPI is amazing enough. But I need 29.97 to sync with ATEM broadcast switchers. So close! If you know a way… PLEASE let me know!


Oh yeah, definitely did. Well aware of that option. I’ve tried this across many Macs and many displays over the years. The only time I’ve ever seen it is from the M1 (MacBook Air) connected to the XDR display. Otherwise, I never get any non-integer rates.

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