Hindenburg Pro: 32-bit float compatibility, workflow and best practices 7
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Memo Sauceda

An in depth look at audio (and video, but mostly audio), great article!


Thanks for an informative text! If I have a microphone with a a max SPL of 130 dB (https://www.milabmic.com/pearl-msh-10/), would it still make sense recording in 32 bit or would 24 bit cover everything the microphone can pick up without disting?


No, of course. What I was asking is if the dynamic range of 144 dB when recording at 24 bit would cover the full range of what a mic with a max SPL of 130 dB can pick up without disting (as 144 > 130), but after reading some more I’ve understod that it’s not meaningful to compare the numbers like that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lasse

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