Have an old Canon EOS DSLR? You’ve a high-end webcam
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Daniel Herrera

Thank you for the post Jose, for me it works just fine. With the little detail that the frame in Zoom and other apps is not filled completely by the camera, I tried to change something in the settings of the camera, but it looks like I’m missing something. Have you notice this cutout when you tried with your T3i? Thank you

Sandra Snow

Great article. VERY useful. I got my Canon Rebel T3i to work on iMac with Zoom, using EOS Webcam Utility, an HDMI cable and a video capture card. The only problem is that I can’t get rid of the auto focus square (face recognition box). Do you have a solution?


Hi Sandra, I found a solution but it requires upgrading the firmware of the camera to a non-Canon build found here: https://builds.magiclantern.fm/​
I haven’t tested it but it looks promising if you’d rather use the HDMI.


Keith Wilson

What version do I download for the T3i?


Hi, today i downloaded version for T3i it is available now.

One thing i couldnt manage is the aspect ratio of the video. I have black empty areas right and left when i do stream.

Is there a solution for this?


Exactly the same issue I am now having with the new update of webcam utility.


I’ve just updated to the latest webcam utility and now my video image is cropped at the sides when displayed in OBS. It’s very annoying. How can I fix this? If I can’t find a way to fix this, I will have to downgrade to the previous webcam utility.


in obs edit transform and crop left and right to remove the bars then set bounding box type to scale to outer bounds. worked like a charm for me


I TRIED THIS WITH MY T3I (officially listed on the Webcam Utility now), and it works well, except for 2 things. 1. the aspect ratio settings are a bit whacky. I have to use the 1:1, and then crop the image. 2. Even if the camera is set to 1080, the software only recognizes 720, and the final video is definitely only 720


This worked great — only issue is that I can’t use the monitor on the t3i itself while wired in with it’s av out component through a usb cord — while this normally wouldn’t be an issue, part of my job is to stream a performance via zoom and I’m looking for ways to be mobile without having to lug a whole AV cart around anytime I need to change the shot — any ideas for work arounds? Thanks!

Marcus Köster

EOS 600D Plug & amp; Play Webcam
I´m not allowed to install additional software on my business laptop. Is there any possibility to make the EOS plug & play ready, so that I can use it as webcam without installting the webcam utility?

Last edited 2 years ago by Marcus Köster

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