Hasselblad updates firmware for X1D-50c

Modern cameras are evolutionary tools, as a simple update in firmware can introduce changes. Hasselblad is making exactly that with the X1D-50c.

Hasselblad updates firmware for X1D-50c

The updated firmware released by Hasselblad introduces two important improvements to the X1D-50c, helping to keep the ground-breaking camera ahead of the curve.

The aim, says Hasselblad, is to maximize the creative options available to users of the X1D-50c. The 1.17.2 firmware does exactly that, they say, introducing the ability to resize auto focus points and an electronic shutter function. X1D users can now select three focal point options: 35, 63, or 117. This updated feature, introduced by popular demand, allows for an even more accurate and precise selection of the photographers’ subject focus point. By simply holding down the AF/MF button and pressing the display button, users can cycle through the size options and easily reset to centre by pressing the X button.

The second feature introduced relates, as mentioned, to the electronic shutter. It now allows for shutter speeds up to 1/10,000s and is silent, allowing use of the X1D-50c under conditions that require absolute discretion or completely zero vibration. It allows the production of images with extremely high quality in situations that might have previously been challenging – both when silence is needed such as during live performances, or when working handheld in extremely low light conditions.

Hasselblad updates firmware for X1D-50c

The new features will enable users to take high-quality images in situations that may have previously been challenging such as when silence is needed during a live performance or when working in low light conditions. Work does not stop there, though, as Hasselblad is continuing to perfect the auto focus feature which is currently under development with the new and now available XH lens adapter. By the end of 2017, the XH lens adapter will gradually start to support auto focus when using H Lenses with the X1D-50c.

The XH Lens Adapter can be used to mount an HC or HCD lens onto an X1D. The XH adapter widens your X1D lens choices to include all 12 H-system HC/HCD lenses, and accessories including a macro converter and 3 extension tubes. The HC/HCD lens range includes a 24mm wide angle, 300mm telephoto and a 100mm f2.2 delivering ultra-thin depth of field and a beautiful smooth bokeh. Currently the X1D supports the XH Lens Adapter with manual focus only. Support for auto focus with the XH Adapter will arrive when Hasselblad releases the promised future firmware.

With the launch of the recent firmware, Hasselblad stated that “it is our aim to support the needs of all photographers. Whilst we always endeavour to provide the best imaging solutions possible, we also believe creativity should not be limited and great results may come from the use of hardware outside our system. It is for this reason we will continually seek to grow compatibility – with both the electronic shutter and opening of our mount specification to third parties.”

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