GorillaPod Mobile Rig: a tripod with extra arms

Looking for a new vlogging rig for 2018? Then check the new offer from Joby: a GorillaPod with arms, ideal to place your lights or microphone around your smartphone for a complete vlogging tripod rig for mobile phone video.

GorillaPod Mobile Rig: meet the tripod with extra arms

GorillaPod is your hang anywhere solution for supporting different accessories. Now, you’ve one that works as a rig for your video needs. Or as something else if you need some extra arms around. Meet the GorillaPod Mobile Rig.

If you think we already have enough choices when it comes to mobile rigs for smartphones and action cameras… think again. We’re now in 2018, and a new series of products is going to appear from different brands. Introduced during the last days of 2017, the GorillaPod Mobile Rig is one such example.

A tripod is a three-legged thing, but a Gorilla tripod is more than that, at least in the version offered by the new GorillaPod Mobile Rig. This version has two extra arms, the exact number to get a pair of small portable lights on each side of your smartphone, already fitted on its mount. Or a microphone, or any other accessory. The options are almost endless, as the images published suggest.

Grip it, wrap it, stand it… that’s how the GorillaPod Mobile Rig is presented. A solution for better video, anywhere, anytime, the new accessory maintains the flexibility GorillaPod is know for, and extends it to the two extra arms, which seem to be a logical expansion of a brand we’ve known for a while now.

GorillaPod Mobile Rig: meet the tripod with extra arms

While this transforms the GorillaPod in a viable mobile rig – another one – the fact that this continues to be a tripod you can use anywhere, makes the GorillaPod Mobile Rig an interesting solution for those always in search of accessories with a double function. Less gear to carry as the same tripod can double – if all works as promised – as a rig. The extra arms remind me, despite some differences, solutions as the Easy Link system from Manfrotto, which can be found in some studio and portable tripods, and is excellent to get some extra accessories placed around the camera, or even create some unique working solutions for nature photography. I don’t think it is possible to achieve the same with the GorillaPod Mobile Rig, but there is no doubt the extra arms offer some new options that both photographers and videographers will be eager to explore.

The GorillaPod Mobile Rig is designed to accept large or small smartphones on its pro-grade, locking GripTight mount, and includes two 6-socket GorillaPod arms with ¼”-20 connections, plus 2 Cold Shoe mounts and 1 GoPro mount.  Designed to easily adjust tilt and landscape-to-portrait mode as needed for live streaming, vlogging, Snapchat and Instagram stories, the GorillaPod Mobile Rig weighs 362 g (0.80 lbs) and costs $99.95.

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