Game Changer for Adobe Premiere Pro may or may not be a game changer for your workflow 7
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Zachary Halberd

Im only commenting to say how terrible the title of this article is. That is all.

Fat Scats

You never, NEVER rename the source files. Good God. Maybe next they should make an extension that just deletes the footage

Fat Scats

Brother I’ve worked post production over 15yrs for big commercials and major tv networks. The only time I’ve had to rename source files was at the request of flakey, uneducated producers who constantly broke the workflow with their nonsense.

Me and the rest of the Scats family don’t appreciate your comments about our name. You’ll be hearing from our lawyer: Bill Chumbis

Fat Scats

Chill dude. I never said my post workflows were perfect, hence why I’m so salty about this software. Been screwed over by people renaming files more times than I can count. You’re acting like I took a dump on your front porch, all I did was express that this software will likely do more harm than good. If files have to be renamed, it should be done at the initial ingest phase. If multiple editors or departments have copies of the files, they should NEVER be renamed.

Recap: files DO often get renamed in the post pipeline, but they SHOULDN’T
Scats out 🖐️🎤✌️

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