FSI Launches Their European Online Store and Releases the BM240

Flanders Scientific had two major announcements that will impact various corners of the industry. One will greatly affect customers throughout Europe while the other offers details around the replacement for the outgoing 23″ BM230. Full info around each is available below.


fsi eu2 Flanders Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of, an online store built specifically to serve customers throughout Europe.

Flanders Scientific’s CEO & General Manager, Bram Desmet, had this to say about the new European online store:

“In October of 2012 FSI opened a European Service and Support center to better serve customers throughout Europe, continuing FSI’s commitment to leading growth with exceptional service and support. In February of 2014 we took the next step in our European operations strategy and began accepting and processing orders directly through this European office. While this did facilitate simpler and more transparent ordering of FSI products within Europe it became clear to us over the last year that there was a growing need for a European equivalent to our streamlined and popular global online store Today we are happy to meet that need with the official launch of” serves Europe, Russia, and Turkey. Customers outside of these territories should continue to utilize Flanders Scientific’s U.S. based global site


Slightly Larger BM240 Replaces the BM230

BM240 Flanders Scientific is releasing a new monitor today to replace the outgoing 23″ BM230: the 23.8″ BM240 broadcast LCD monitor. The BM240 is ideally suited for editorial, engineering, and on set monitoring applications thanks to its extensive feature set and broad signal support capabilities. Learn more about the BM240 here.









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