FilmConvert: new Canon and Sony profiles

FilmConvert just released a profile for the Canon C100 MK II. There is also an updated Sony FS7 profile with new exposure targets available.


The profile downloads available now at FilmConvert’s website are for both the FilmConvert plugin and standalone versions. To use the recent Camera Packs you need the latest version of FilmConvert, for full compatibility.

FilmConvert is a way to keep the looks of film in a time of digital images. Working with almost every camera available in the market, from Arri to GoPro, the software emulates the aspect of different emulsions. While for many people film is still “the choice”, the truth is that not everyone has that option. FilmConvert allows anyone to emulate a film stock on files coming out from a digital camera.

To achieve the desired results with their software, the team at FilmConvert took a scientific approach to the subject, and analyzed the differences between film and digital sensors, and how colours and hues were changed when a film was digitized.

While it is technically possible to make these changes in your grading software, it would take a long time to get the right results, and that’s where FilmConvert comes in. The software looks at hue, saturation, colour for a specific film stock, and even adds grain similar to the original. Users just have to pick the film stock they prefer for each production.

FilmConvert offers 30 camera-matching presets and 19 film stock variations to help you achieve the best results, fast. Download your free trial today. If you already own the program, and use the Canon C100MK II or the Sony FS7, look for the new profiles available.


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