FAQ for NLE Video Storage (2017 Edition)

Understand What Kind of Storage You Need for Video Production

FAQ for video production storage

Our popular guide to video storage is updated for 2017! 

One of the most confusing things about digital video editing is the storage requirement. In this article and short webinar Videoguys will help you better understand just what kind of storage you’ll need for your video productions. Mac or PC based NLE video editors face the same storage challenges and questions, and we’ve got the straight forward answers you need!

Q: What storage do I need?

A: Hey… we might as well start with the basics! This is definitely the most common question we get asked. Unfortunately there is no easy answer as the right answer may change depending on your priorities. How do you rate these in order of importance?

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Size
  • Workgroup sharing
  • Archival & Backup

I know it’s easy to say that they are all equally important but the trick is to be as realistic as possible when ranking them so PRICE remains high on the list. Like everything else, when it comes to storage you really do get what you pay for but if you can prioritize these factors now you can help narrow down the search and get the most affordable storage solution that meets your needs. Keep reading and I hope this question will be easier to answer on your own. Of course, if you’re not the reading type you can give the Videoguys (and girls) a call at 800-323-2325 and we can help talk it out.

Q: How much do I really need to spend?

A: Every drive in a storage solution costs money. Therefore, a single drive is always going to be the least expensive. But, if you want speed you may want 2-drives in a RAID-0; if you want that speed plus security from drive failure you may want 4 drives in a RAID-5; or, if you want workgroup storage you may want 12 drives or more to significantly increase the storage space, speed and reliability. As you can see, simple math will show you how quickly this adds up so it’s important to narrow down the budget. We can help if you can answer a few questions…[continue to full article and webinar]

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