Falcon Fly: A Drone with Light

With so many drones flying above our heads, do we need a new drone in the air? Probably, if it carries light, says one company, Falcon Eyes.



The name of the company, Falcon Eyes, suggests that a quadcopter drone able to carry LED lights up above our heads is a logic step for a lighting manufacturer that has been in the photographic and video market for 18 years, always aiming to offer innovative products. Falcons do fly, after all.

Falcon Eyes, from Hong Kong, was at NAB 2015 to show some of their lighting systems, with LED products from the Pockelite for mobile phones and DSLR systems to their professional panel LEDS controllable through a touch screen or WiFi and a smartphone, but the Falcon Fly atracted attention, although it is, at least for now, nothing more than a project.


The company is always open to accept OEM projects, and this one, presented to them to be considered, will have to gather interest from the public, to become viable and be supported by the R&D team from Falcon Eyes, which is eager to provide comprehensive and professional advice to OEM projects that are feasible. The company is waiting for feedback from the public on its Facebook page to decide if the Falcon Fly will… fly!


On paper, the Falcon Fly seems an interesting idea, although it will have some limitations, I believe, in terms of what it can carry. The concept is interesting, no doubt. Especially for projects where light from above is needed, be it a flash or a small powerful LED, this can be an interesting creative suggestion. Both for photographers and cinematographers, being able to position a light source above or close to a subject that is not reachable otherwise or would need heavy equipment to be properly place, is an asset to be considered.

To follow the news on the project, check Falcon Eyes webpage.


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