EyeFly3D and Snap3D: low-cost 3D for iPhone and Samsung smartphones

Mix a free app with a special case or protective glass and your smartphone becomes a 3D device, to watch streaming content in a whole different way, without using special glasses.

EyeFly3D and Snap3D: 3D for iPhone and Samsung smartphones

If you do not have the money to buy a RED Hydrogen One smartphone with 3D, maybe the solutions available for iPhone and Samsung models will make you happy. And it costs less than $30 to have 3D!

Available with free shipping worldwide since the end of April, the new EyeFly3D, exclusively for iPhone, was first presented in its actual version at CES 2019, in Las Vegas. The concept is not new, and Nanoveu, the technology company behind the product, has demoed it at multiple events, for the last six years, as the technology improves, along with the resolution of smartphones.

The company developed a solution that enables viewing 3D on smartphones without the use of 3D glasses. Nanoveu’s product, EyeFly3D, uses both software (apps) and hardware (screen protector) to offer real time, affordable and easy to use 3D rendering and 2D-to-3D instant conversion of videos and photos on mobile devices.


App to convert 2D in 3D

The 3D image is created by tiny lenses on the EyeFly3D screen protector that work to render any stereoscopic 3D content – right in the palm of your hand. These Nano lenses send a slightly different image to your left and right eye, to render your favourite content into immersive 3D. With acces to thousand of 3D videos on YouTube and the option to see 2D YouTube videos in 3D too, there is a whole lot of content to explore.

EyeFly3D is, according to Nanoveu, “the world’s first award winning glasses-free 3D screen protector that delivers distortion free 2D/3D videos and photos on your device.” The new app allows users to view 3D content, but as the company wanted to take the experience further, the “new app allows you to easily turn your 2D videos into 3D. This is our game changer. This is what our community has been waiting for.”


EyeFly3D for Android is next

The team of scientists and researchers based in Singapore has, says, David Symons, the CEO of Nanoveu, “taken the most complex information and simplified it to a simple film screen protector and app. That’s all it takes to bring immersive 3D to your iPhone.”

The new EyeFly3D is available for iPhone XR, X/XS, XS Max, iPhone 6,7,8 White and iPhone 6,7,8 Black. By applying the EyeFly3D screen protector and downloading the free EyeFly3D app (unless you want the Pro version, which is paid) users get the key to experience 3D anytime, anywhere, says the company.

Now, EyeFly3D is only available for iPhone smartphones and each EyeFly3D product is designed specifically for a device. When asked if the product will be available for more models and also for Android, Nouveau says the company intends “to roll out EyeFly3D to as many popular devices as quickly as we can.”


Snap3D, a case for 3D

If you have an Android smartphone and it is Samsung, then you’re lucky. Because there is a company, Mopic, offering a 3D solution for both iPhone and Samsung devices. Last April, the company introduced its Snap3D solution for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, expanding the number of models that can use the solution.

Snap3D is a unique smartphone case that converts your smartphone into a 3D device. If attached onto the front screen, Snap3D will convert your smartphone screen into 3D, thanks to the transparent lenticular lenses present. If attached onto the back, it becomes an excellent protective case. By installing the exclusive application, users may capture 3D images, have access to tens of thousands of streaming contents, and enjoy 3D games.


Creating stereoscopic video

Purchasing a Snap3D is the most convenient and economical way to enjoy 3D contents, says Mopic, adding that by “simply attaching the Snap3D onto your smartphone and running the 3D application, your smartphone converts into a unique 3D device.” The Snap3D case is available for different models from Samsung and iPhone with a price around $27.99.

Receiver of an Innovation Award at CES 2019, for its Snap3D solution, Mopic says its system offers perfect stereoscopic video creation thanks to the technology used. Using the front camera, it tracks the user’s position and generates stereoscopic video based on the user’s position. The system quickly tracks the eyes 30 times per second, and real-time rendering of stereoscopic video is possible thanks to a system that makes 400 million calculations per second.

So, there you have it. Apparently, 3D on smartphones is viable, and you don’t need to buy a RED Hydrogen One to enjoy the experience. If these low-cost solutions are introduced for more devices, 3D will become accessible worldwide soon.

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