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How to export –16 LUFS from Hindenburg Journalist without the dangers of insecure FTP

Learn the “secret” workaround to export –16 LUFS normalized audio from Hindenburg Journalist (standard) without the dangers of insecure FTP.

Hindenburg fake FTP 3

Recently I published an article covering several new features and benefits in Hindenburg Journalist (PRO), including –16 LUFS normalization in the standard (non PRO) version. However, I was concerned since this feature in the standard version is only available via the Publish function, especially since to date, Hindenburg only supports standard, insecure FTP. After a conversation with the developer, I discovered a powerful and “secret” workaround to this challenge. Details are ahead.

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Here is a link to my recent article Hindenburg Journalist keeps making my favorite audio editor even better.

Prior articles where I have covered the dangers of insecure FTP… and the advantages of (secure) SFTP

“Secret” workaround to export –16 LUFS normalized audio from Hindenburg Journalist (standard)

After I expressed my concerns about standard insecure FTP in the standard version of Hindenburg Journalist to the developers, they gave me a “secret” workaround. If you (like I) are concerned about the dangers of standard, insecure FTP, here is a way to maintain security:

First, create a new folder on your computer like Fake local FTP and then copy its path. After that, in Hindenburg Journalist, go to File>Publish. In the first dialog box, press the + symbol

Hindenburg fake FTP

to create a target show name (i.e. CapicúaFM, not the episode name) as shown above, and then Next:

Hindenburg fake FTP 1

In the next dialog box, select your desired quality, –16 LUFS in the pulldown menu, and paste the path you copied before in the Server field as shown below, leaving the Username and Password blank, then Next:

Hindenburg fake FTP 2

In the new dialog box, simply click on Next to create the fake RSS feed. In the following dialog box, enter MP3 metadata and art as desired (with the episode title in the Subtitle field, etc.), and then Next, and the continue with more metetadata in the next page, then Finish. Select your destination as shown below, and then click Publish:

Hindenburg fake FTP 3

Hindenburg Journalist will then normalize at –16 LUFS and encode your MP3. Then you can delete the fake XML and PNG file that landed in your Fake local FTP folder, and then upload your MP3 file at –16 LUFS using your favorite SFTP tool, knowing that no hacker will be able to “sniff” your password in transit. The next time, the target will already be there and offer your Fake local FTP folder.

I clarify that this workaround is not necessary for Hindenburg Journalist PRO, since it has the -16 LUFS normalization via its Export function. Although it does work with the PRO version, this workaround is only necessary for the standard (not PRO) version of Hindenburg Journalist.

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