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A word about journalistic integrity

Hi, my name is Matt Jeppsen. I am a working Director of Photography, and from time to time I write about techniques and tools that interest me. I'd like to clarify a few things in regards to the content I create and share.

I never sell editorial posts.

Every article and post is written by me unless otherwise noted. In those cases, it will always be clearly stated…an example would be when quoting details from a press release or another blog article. Those will always be clearly linked and attributed.

Companies do not pay me to write reviews.

Sometimes companies send me stuff to test, try, or break. In some cases I provide them feedback internally and never review the product. In most cases those are short term loans. In any case, I try to use empirical data and real-world production experience to test products that I write about. If you've followed my writing over the years, you already know that I am rather particular about the tools I use. Anyone who requests to send me a product knows in advance that I will be up-front and blunt about any shortcomings.

I write about the things I use and love.

In general, I only review tools that I actually use in day-to-day work. This website has many sponsorships and partnerships, including advertising, affiliate marketing, and the like. I draw a modest monthly check from PVC advertising revenue, based on traffic to my content here…this offsets some of the time spent writing and sharing. I am also a Zacuto affiliate, and get a small percentage of sales from those links. And you'll notice that I write about the tools that I use…I've been a Zacuto customer since 2007. 

Integrity is everything.

Finally, I greatly value the network of professionals and peers I've built over the years…those connections mean so much to me. As such, I try to be mindful of my own biases, and am careful to always speak openly and plainly about the tools and techniques that work for me. If you ever have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Matt Jeppsen

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Matt Jeppsen is a working DP with over a decade of experience in commercials, music videos, and documentary films. You can view Matt's cinematography reel and contact info at

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