Edelkrone Wing now comes in 3 sizes

The promise of “perfect slides, no rails” from the edelkrone Wing presented here at PVC in August is now extended to three sizes. For different types of cameras.

Edelkrone Wing now comes in 3 sizes

The world’s most compact solution when it comes to moving a camera like a slider does, the edelkrone Wing, has new versions, adapted for smartphones and  professional cinema cameras up to 15lb (7kg).

Presented as the key for a new age in cinematic motion, the edelkrone Wing, launched in August, offers users a perfect straight line for their camera to glide on, without the need to carry around a camera slider. The idea is excellent, especially for people that need to carry their gear on a backpack. The original edelkrone Wing, with a weight of 1.2lb (0,54kg) and dimensions of 147 x 45 x 86 mm, the Wing offers extreme portability, while giving users a “virtual” 16 inches (40cm ) slider.

Although an ingenious solution, the original Wing has limitations, so edelkrone went to the drawing board and created two new models. In fact, the first model can only take cameras up to 3.3 lb (1.5kg), limiting the potential of the accessory. At launch it was compared to the SliderONE, which offers only 6 inches or 15cm of camera travel but can carry equipment up to 20 lb (9.07kg).

The new edelkrone Wing now comes in three sizes, Wing 3, Wing 7 and Wing 15. The Wing 3, which is similar to the original, is no bigger than your phone, can carry cameras up to 3 lb (1.4 kg) and has a weight of 1.2 lb (540 g). It offers, as the other models, a camera travel of 1.3 ft (40cm).

The new Wing 7 is announced as a go-to slider, lightweight and able to carry DSLR rigs and medium-weight cameras. In terms of specifications, it can carry up to 7 lb (3.2 kg) and has a weight of 3 lb (1.4 kg). Then comes the Wing 15, conceived to carry professional camera equipment, with a recommended camera load of no more than 15 lb (7 kg). Its weight is 4.4 lb (2 kg).

Edelkrone Wing now comes in 3 sizes

The three models come with a friction adjustment system, for silky smooth and consistent glides, and the Wing 7 and Wing 15 have a safety lock mechanism to prevent involuntary movement of set during transport.

While the concept is really interesting, it should be noted that the movement of the camera is manual, and only a real world test will confirm the smoothness of movement suggested in the video. If it works as promised, this is, no doubt, an interesting option to consider, although the prices asked by edelkrone are considered “high” by some people.

The Wing 3 costs € 299.99, the Wing 7 €409,99 and the Wing 15 €589.99, prices without taxes.

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