Edelkrone: New PocketRig2 Optimized for DSLRs

Presented as the World’s lightest and most portable DSLR rig, the PocketRig 2 is a “swiss army knife” for videographers.

The recent clearance sale from edelkrone, suggesting the end of their PocketSeries, was presented with a note stating that “every ending is a new beginning”. Well, the PocketRig 2 is that beginning, a multiple solution for DSLR videographers – and others too.

The new PocketRig 2 explains, to a certain extent, why edelkrone has decided to put an end to their original PocketSeries. Although this new piece of equipment does not cover all the functions from the previous products – PocketSHOT, PocketRODS, PocketSUPPORT, PocketSTAND, PocketHANDLES and POcketSKATER – it does offer multiple functions in one single product, making it a very interesting piece of equipment for any videographer.

Edelkrone presents the new product as a tool for DSLR users, but the images published with the annoucement suggest that the PocketRig2 can be used with different cameras of about the same size, so, again, this is not a product with a limited market, although, no doubt, DSLR users will not resist to have a look at this new offer from edelkrone. Recently edelkrone presented another product also conceived with DSLR users in mind, the Flex-Tilt Head, a Tripod Head for DSLRs.

Carry less, shoot more is a marketing term used by edelkrone that fits well here. In fact, the new PocketRig 2 opens to adapt to different shooting conditions, allowing users to shoot stable and professional videos with minimal effort. When closed, it can be packed almost anywhere, a solution that users working alone or in small teams will appreciate.

The PocketRig2 includes a foldable and adjustable arm that can be used as a rifle-like stabilization system, and it easily converts, with the belt groove on the shoulder piece, in a monopod. The base mount also allows for fast attachment to a tripod.

While the general design and concept are the same, the PocketRig2 has been overhauled and redesigned for better operation, also considering it now offers more options in one single product. Like the built-in industry standard 15mm rods,  which can be extended up to 18cm (check the video). Versatility, deployability and size are advantages of the new product, which is good for videographers having to work light and fast.

Folded size: (L x W x H) 5.7 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches (147 x 60 x 60 mm)
Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.725Kg)
Compatibility: All DSLRs and cameras which have 1/4″ -20 threads (Optimized for DSLRs)
Mount: 1/4” –  20  on top and 1/4“ – 20  on bottom
Support arm length: 11.4 inches (290mm)
Locking mechanism: Constant Friction, knob-less joints for hinge tension adjustment
Materials: CNC machined aluminum,heavy duty construction and stainless steel screws
Price: €249,99 (taxes excluded)


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