DAM vendor ClearStory to be acquired?

DAM vendor ClearStory to be acquired?


At recent Henry Stewart DAM conferences a couple of ClearStory Systems customers mentioned to me that they have been contacted by a potential acquirer of that DAM vendor performing due diligence with the licensee base.

Normally that might spook a customer, but both were actually pleased that some sort of acquisition might transpire. As Digital and Media Asset Management Report readers know, ClearStory provides a well-regarded, SaaS-based (hosted) DAM service, but the company itself has suffered various management problems over the past year, and its future viability has been much discussed among industry insiders.

Hence the customers’ positive interest in an otherwise potentially disrupting acquisition. Now, I don’t know whether any deal will actually go through. But when a toothache is lingering, sometimes a quick — if painful — visit to the dentist is just what’s needed.

– Submitted by: Tony Byrne, Analyst

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