Creating interactive web video with a tool you already know and use.

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Encore CS3, Premiere Pro’s trusty DVD authoring sidekick has a few new tricks up its sleeve to help give you a competitive edge. I’ll talk more about high definition Blu-ray disc authoring in another post. This post is for those of you in the traditional video workflow who want to be able to create interactive web video experiences, BUT you don’t want to have to learn a new tool.

Encore CS3 can now export a version of your existing DVD project for use on the web.
Here’s how –
1. Author your DVD or Blu-ray project as you normally would using Encore’s intuitive interface and integration with Photoshop and After Effects.
2. In the Build panel choose “Flash”
3. Select your quality preset
4. Click “Build” – you’re done!

Encore encodes all your videos to .flvs, creates a .swf that provides all the DVD-like interactivity, and creates an .xml file that ties the .flvs to the .swf. Encore also embeds the .swf in a template .html page.

The result is a DVD-like experience on the web complete with features like main menu and chapter menu navigation, motion menus, slideshows, extra features, and the ability to skip to chapters. When compared with the typical web video experience where the only control you have is play and pause Encore’s Flash export is a significantly better experience. It allows you to create the design and chapter navigation viewers are used to on DVDs.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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A little bit about me. I’m the product manager for Adobe Encore and Visual Communicator. Additionally, I am also working on developing community related features for our DMO products.

Here is an example of a project one of our customers sent me created with the Flash export feature in Encore.

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