CoreMelt releases V2 2.2 Free Update + 40% off V2 Upgrades

CoreMelt has announced our 2.2 version of the entire V2 range which includes 13 new plugins, and a 40% special deal on all upgrades from previous CoreMelt products.

Byron Bay, NSW/Australia – CoreMelt has announced the release of its 2.2 version of its V2 range of plugins.

With 13 new plugins, CoreMelt Complete V2 2.2 now has over 200 plugins, and you can upgrade from CoreMelt Complete V1 for only $89, giving you a total of 54 brand new plugins!!

The new 2.2 plugins include :

* Luminous – Plasmatic Waves, Glow Waves, Glow Chromatic
* Shatter – Codec Damage, Distort Waves
* Delta V – Screens Collapse, Push Away and Spin
* VeeYou – EQ Line Segment, WV Waveforms 3D
* Gadget – Clone Area, Heat Haze
* Pigment – Match Grade, Flicker Tool

Since the release of CoreMelt’s V2 products at NAB this year, we’ve provided two completely FREE upgrades for V2 users, which have added:

* 21 extra free plugins
* New features like ImageFlow’s ability to add folders of movies as well as images
* The enhanced use of image wells
* Faster previews when using medium quality RT mode
* Extra scaling options

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5.4 Leopard or higher.
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel.
* G5 Processor, 1GHz or faster.
* Dedicated 128MB or higher Graphics memory required (256MB required for HD rendering).
* 100 MB Hard Drive space for CoreMelt Complete.

Pricing and Availability:
If you already own any previous CoreMelt products, you can upgrade to V2 2.2 for our special pricing until July 31st.

The discount pricing is as follows:
* CoreMelt Complete V1 – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $149
* ImageFlow FX V1 – ImageFlow FX V2 – $49
* PolyChrome Transitions V1 – PolyChrome Transitions V2 – $49
* Editing Pack – Editors Tools V2 – $49
* Motion Pack – Motion Graphics Box – $49

For users of CoreMelt V1 wanting to upgrade to CoreMelt Complete V2 2.2, there is also some special pricing:
* CoreMelt Complete V1 – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $89
* Any 4 previous products – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $89
* Any 3 previous products – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $109
* Any 2 previous products – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $119
* Any 1 previous products – CoreMelt Complete V2 – $169


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V2 2.2 Upgrade Pricing

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