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Adobe Premiere Pro Productions in the full interface
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2 thoughts on “Conversations with Adobe: Exploring Productions in Premiere Pro with Matt Christensen

  1. As an editor who has worked on Avid a lot, I love productions. But I’d like to know if you have a recommended way for multiple editors to use this workflow remotely? I’m doing it with Google Drive at the moment but obviously there is a delay in creating and synching the .prlock files.
    I’m worried that my colleague and I will both open the project in the same few minutes and therefore create a conflict. With DropBox it’s similar. Have you got any recommendation for a better way to synch the folders?

    1. I’ll say same thing I said on the Facebag discussion… I have used the Dropbox version among 3 editors working and we didn’t have an issue. I know quite a few other folks who have done the same and I haven’t heard of issues. I’m not sure what kind of connection you’re on but it doesn’t seem to take several minutes before the .prlock files show up. They are very small and sync quickly, as least from out more anecdotal observations. I would advise just giving it a try. I back up my Productions each day even though on Dropbox I suppose technically you already have a backup but I felt good just having backups on an external drive. The entire Production folder will be small. Do some backups throughout the day on your first week or two and if you don’t see any problems I think you’d be good to go.

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