cineSync goes 64-bit

The latest update to the Academy Award-winning cineSync video review software is the first to offer 64-bit, which allows the program to offer more options.

cineSync goes 64-bit

The move to 64-bit allows cineSync to take full advantage of all available system memory, a starting point for a whole lot of new features users have wanted for a long time.

Cospective, creator of innovative software solutions for visual communication, has released the latest update to the Academy Award-winning cineSync video review software.  The new version, 4.1,  offers a much wider range of playback options. 4.1 also adds a new, comprehensive integration with NIM, adds support for Aspera’s Faspex, and updates existing integrations with ftrack and Aspera Connect. Other improvements include a new frame playback option and increased security around file transfers from Shotgun, ftrack and elsewhere.

The 4.1 version of cineSync is the first 64-bit version of cineSync, now that the 32-bit Quicktime 7 has been replaced as a playback engine. The move to 64-bit allows cineSync to take full advantage of all available system memory, which in turn enables massive optimisation of playback and support for 4k, high res and high frame rate media, and to add new features such as file encryption.

cineSync Pro now includes a direct integration with studio management software NIM, from California’s NIM Labs. NIM provides project management, job and asset tracking, financial tracking (including bidding, timecards and projections), review, approval and more within one easily accessible tool. NIM’s integration with cineSync Pro means that any media in NIM can be reviewed interactively in cineSync, and that all cineSync session notes and drawings can be easily be exported back to NIM at the end of the session. More information and a video demonstrating the integration can be found here.

cineSync’s Aspera Connect integration has been updated, bringing the latest secure file transfer technology to cineSync Pro. Working in conjunction with your own Aspera server, users can now initiate transfers from within a cineSync review session, enabling even more secure file transfers to review guests without them having to leave cineSync to locate the files. Click here for more information and a video about this new functionality. Additionally, Cospective has added support for Aspera Faspex accounts for all cineSync Pro users.

The new version also features other additions: cineSync 4.1’s ftrack integration update further streamlines the process of saving all cineSync notes and drawings back to the correct version in ftrack. cineSync 4.1 also adds a new option for simple frame playback, which supports most frame media (including DPX, Cineon and EXR).

Also available, is a new option to encrypt all media downloaded from Shotgun or ftrack’s AWS storage, so no downloaded media is ever left unencrypted on disk. Encrypted media can only be opened in a cineSync session hosted by the party that initiated the encryption. At the end of a cineSync review all downloaded/encrypted files can then be automatically deleted from the guest’s file system. Finally, cineSync 4.1 makes the transport bar more responsive to different screen resolutions.

Rory McGregor, Cospective CEO, comments: “The wealth of updates in 4.1 showcase our continued commitment to the optimisation and improvement of cineSync. We’re thrilled to continue our work with our fantastic integration partners Shotgun, ftrack, Aspera, Safestream, and now NIM, ensuring that our product can adapts to studio workflows all around the world.”

Andrew Sinagra, NIM Labs Co-Founder, comments: “cineSync’s native integration with NIM is an exciting feature for our users. Providing collaborative review for NIM dailies anywhere in the world is a natural extension to NIM’s internal review system. We’re excited about this partnership and the work we can do together to further enhance studio management.”

cineSync 4.1 is available now. Users with a valid subscription to an existing cineSync package are eligible to upgrade to the latest version.

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