Cinematic Mode, the future of iPhone cinematography, and ProRes on a phone 7
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Des Burkinshaw

A good piece. I’ve been making programmes and videos professionally since 1996.
Of course there are devices that produce outstanding work technically – it’ll be some time before Apple can simulate a bunch of ARRI primes – but you’re right to say, so what? I use everything from ARRI to the iPhone 13 ProMax via Sony FS7 with film lenses.
I’m quite frankly astonished at what the iphone can do. Yesterday I shot a promo for a friend using the 13 Pro Max, a gimbal, some Moment lenses and filters, a bunch of cheap LED lights. Package cost? About £2200. It looks incredible.
If I blow it up x8 it’ll look pretty crap but no-one is going to watch it zoomed in like that.
If only I had had access to this equipment earlier – it would have been amazing!

ariel wollinger

Zooming in on the iPhone footage, one can see the sharpening artifacts much more prominent than on GH5’s footage. It looks almost like a stylize filter is applied to everything.

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