Burning questions about Cinematic Mode and how you edit it 5
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Anthony Burokas

This was a great look at what it really means to capture the focus metadata and try to be able to manipulate that after the fact. I appreciate the no-nonsense way it was delivered, and complete lack of self promotion- just the facts.

I was curious as to the sideline shot with the referee where the focus hunts around a bunch – is there no way to delete the focus points that Apple automatically sets during filming? You mentioned that you can delete focus points YOU set while filming, and YOU set in editing, but didn’t mention the focus points the iPhone chooses automagically picking the wrong thing to focus on, screwing up the shot- like focusing on the back of the neck of the referee instead of what he’s looking at- the ball coming toward the camera.

Because I can see filming scenes and not even touching the focus during filming and then doing it in post when you have the ability to set those keypoints with pinpoint accuracy. But if you’d be fighting against an undeletable Automagic mistake, that sours the pot a bit.


I would also love to see this feature added. The auto focus points (the white ones) are a nuisance and just get in the way.

One (kind of) workaround is to go to the start of the clip, focus on something, and hold the mouse down for a couple of seconds. That creates a focus lock and all of the following white points disappear. Problem is they sometimes come back again as you set another focus point (but you can do the focus lock thing again)

Jessica Pettigrew

Thanks so much for this! Am I the only one having an issue when I upload cinematic footage into adobe, the colour completely changes? Am I doing something wrong?

Jessica Pettigrew

One More thing, Editing using a Windows Device

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